Web Front End Engineer
JIBE Health

Qualification and Description

JibeHealth.com is a technology and healthcare company that is changing the way Health Insurance is purchased and sold. JH is the Uber of Health Insurance! JH provides a seamless mobile/desktop user experience to get matched with the right Health Insurance plan. JH platform is built and is ready to scale and continue its integration with various distribution channels and backend systems. Do you dream in Bootstrap, JQuery, HTML5 and Canvas?

Can you deliver mobile and responsive converting websites from proof to coding in PHP? Do you dream of working for Google, AirBnb or Uber? If you do we want you on our team. Do not apply if you do not have live examples of converting and award winning mobile sites.


Web Front End Engineer

No. of vacancies: 1

Qualifications: Bachelor Degree

Minimum Total Experience: 5

Job Tenure: Full-time Only / 1099

Salary Offered: DOE

Job Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Skills And Qualifications

Experience with Angular .JS

In addition to Sugar CRM, experience with other CRM/Marketing automation APIs: SugarCRM, Marketo, Eloqua, Bullhorn,..

Knowledge in NoSQL (especially MongoDB)

Knowledge/Experience with Amazon AWS (or other Cloud vendors: Azure, Heroku..)

Experience programming with Java

Some level of system administration on windows and linux

Masters in Computer Science or greater

Period of Performance


Scope of Work

This Statement of Work (SOW) is issued pursuant to the Consultant Services Master Agreement between JibeHealth.com (“Client”) and JibeHealth.com (“Contractor”), effective February 2, 2015 (the “Agreement”). This SOW is subject to the terms and conditions contained in the Agreement between the parties and is made a part thereof. Any term not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning specified in the Agreement. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the terms of this SOW and the terms of this Agreement, the terms of this SOW shall govern and prevail.

This Statement of Work (hereinafter called the “SOW”), effective as of September 1, 2015, is entered into by and between Contractor and Client, and is subject to the terms and conditions specified below. The Exhibit(s) to this SOW, if any, shall be deemed to be a part hereof. In the event of any inconsistencies between the terms of the body of this SOW and the terms of the Exhibit(s) hereto, the terms of the body of this SOW shall prevail. Any agreement with respect to an equity stake of the company and/or issuance of common stock and/or shares entered between JibeHealth.com (“Client”) and TBD will be honored and set forth in writing as amended to the statement of work.

Contractor shall provide the Services and Deliverable(s) as follows

Engineer will be responsible for interfacing with lead UX designer and management team to code and implement features and functionality on a high volume, custom built and converting web platform.

Engineer will be responsible for coding with an attention to detail and maintaining best practices with respect to security.

Period code reviews of other team members and input on scaling the platform based on the growth projections of the company may be required.

Engineer will need to develop functionality from proof of concept through testing and production

Engineer should be able to deliver in a high paced technology startup environment that is rewarding and challenging.


Deliverable Materials



Fee Schedule / Salary / Option Schedule

This engagement will be conducted on a Time & Materials basis. The total value for the Services pursuant to this SOW shall not exceed $ unless otherwise agreed to by both parties via the project change control procedure, as outlined within. A PCR will be issued specifying the amended value.

This figure is based on hours of professional services. Contractor will provide up to 2 resources based on the following functional/rate structure.

Item Description

Number of Resources

Hourly Rate

Number of Hours


















Upon completion of this Performance Period, Contractor and Client will have the option to renew this agreement for an additional then-stated number of hours at the then-current hourly rate for those resources identified.

Bill To Address

Client Project Manager

Client Cost Center

40 SE 5th Street
Boca Raton FL 33432

Pedro Colon


Completion Criteria

Contractor shall have fulfilled its obligations when any one of the following first occurs:

Contractor accomplishes the Contractor activities described within this SOW, including delivery to Client of the materials listed in the Section entitled "Deliverable Materials," and Client accepts such activities and materials without unreasonable objections. No response from Client within 7-business days of deliverables being delivered by Contractor is deemed acceptance.

Contractor and/or Client has the right to cancel services or deliverables not yet provided with 7 business days advance written notice to the other party.


Project Change Control Procedure

The following process will be followed if a change to this SOW is required:

A Project Change Request (PCR) will be the vehicle for communicating change. The PCR must describe the change, the rationale for the change, and the effect the change will have on the project.

The designated Project Manager of the requesting party (Contractor or Client) will review the proposed change and determine whether to submit the request to the other party.

Both Project Managers will review the proposed change and approve it for further investigation or reject it. Contractor and Client will mutually agree upon any charges for such investigation, if any. If the investigation is authorized, the Client Project Managers will sign the PCR, which will constitute approval for the investigation charges. Contractor will invoice Client for any such charges. The investigation will determine the effect that the implementation of the PCR will have on SOW price, schedule and other terms and conditions of the Agreement.

Upon completion of the investigation, both parties will review the impact of the proposed change and, if mutually agreed, a Change Authorization will be executed.

A written Change Authorization and/or PCR must be signed by both parties to authorize implementation of the investigated changes.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this SOW to be effective as of the day, month and year first written above.