Sales Agent
JIBE Health

Jobs along with wealth sprout out of health care reform.
The Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) maybe the greatest social change in decades. It also turns out that it may be the biggest wealth and jobs creator as well. The second largest sector of the American economy is being disrupted and American ingenuity and entrepreneurship are exploding with innovation. At the front line of Innovation are the new breed of companies that are helping enroll almost 100 Million Americans into a Health Plan.
That’s where it all begins and your opportunity starts

Qualification and Description

Cash in on Open Enrollment 2015

JibeHealth, a federally contracted FFM entity needs to fulfil its online, live enrollments to meet government quota. 

Qualified participants can earn $30,000, Part-Time in 90 Days. 

Starts October 1, 2015- January 31, 2015

  • Work 4 hours a day
  • Choose the days you want
  • Choose the hours you want


About the Position 
If you have insurance, mortgage, or any sales experience, or you have verifiable sports accomplishments, and have proven you know how to win, then Jibe Health wants you.  Jibe Health is changing the way health insurance is being sold and purchased.  Jibe Health will match over 1 Million Americans with the right health plan by 2017.  We only want talent in our team.

Why work for
Jibe Health is offering a base salary compensation of up to $30,000 per year, plus commissions, up to $81,000 with monthly bonuses totaling for the first year.  Bonuses can increase when goals are surpassed.  Plus there are management opportunities and equity in the company if you meet the requirements.

  • Base Compensation
  • Commissions
  • Bonuses
  • Management Opportunities
  • Partnership opportunities

Responsibilities of the position:

  • Takes inbound calls and helps callers enroll in Healthcare solution
  • Wins on every call and delivers on every goal, on time with attention to detail

(ONLY candidates with the following skillset will be considered)

  • Strong Desire to Win...does not take NO for an answer
  • Highly Communicative, written and verbally
  • Coachable & able to learn new concepts rapidly
  • Minimum 2 years of sales experience (verifiable)
  • Ability to deliver results on time with attention to detail

Are you ready to join a team of professionals with proven track records?  Are you ready to take your career and personal life to the next level?  If you consider yourself to be the best, then it’s time to join the best.