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JIBE Health, (JH), announced the launch of its much anticipated beta web platform, focused on matching up the nearly 53 million American health insurance shoppers. The founders of Jibe health envisioned a process similar to online dating where people select what they like and prefer and leave out stuff they don’t like. A few clicks later and there’s your perfect match. Why can’t buying health insurance be the same way they asked?

They set out to do just that in 2012, personally bootstrapping the company with their own money and going to work.

“With a core founding team experienced in, insurance, marketing and technology we knew we could deliver a better user experience than the status quo. We delivered revenues and profits in the first year, followed by revenue growth of 40% and profit growth of 300% in 2014. Validating our machine” said peter Colon co-founder and President of Jibe Health. Jibe Health recently received approval and contracted with (CMS) Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to directly connect and deliver (FFM) Federally Facilitated Market data to, a huge step in achieving Jibe Health’s ultimate potential.

“The biggest challenge that consumers faced was plain old confusion. Typically the first thing your asked is your zip code followed by a bombardment of quotes all based on price not your individual needs, said Shane McIntyre Chief Engineer and co-founder. “I am also a health insurance consumer and the complexity of the government’s website and others made it almost impossible for me to make a decision, let alone the right decision.” Mr. McIntyre went on to say.

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