Use Jibe Health to match you with the right health plan the first time

Jibe also uses the Obama Care law to help pay for your plan.



Let's get you matched
3 Easy Steps

JIBE interprets your needs, extracts and applies the maximum health care subsidy available and combines these very unique data points to match you with a health plan especially designed by you... More of what you want, without stuff you don't need. Now is the time to get JIBE Health in your life!

Let's get you the
maximum amount

Let’s use the Presidents Law to see how much money you can get towards your Health Insurance Plan. Average consumers received up to $3400.00 a year or as much as 90% of their entire health plan payment.

A Health Plan Designed by You

JIBE interprets your unique individual needs and matches you with personalized health Plans.

Save up to 40% Rates Guaranteed by Law

Save Money by leaving out stuff you don’t need and adding more of what you want in your health plan. Average consumers save as much as $611 per year.

Jibe will ask you
what your needs are?

You’re an individual so let’s design a health plan that is customized just for you. Select more of what you need. Leave out what you don’t need.

Test Drive Your Health Plan

Shop with confidence, cancel your plan for a 100% Refund if it isn’t the Best Health Plan ever.

Live Help 24/7

Speak to an Insurance expert anytime. Were here to help you with insurance claims, billing and even finding the best hospitals. Sit back and relax. JIBE Health has you covered.

Jibe will ask you
what your loves are?

Now it’s time for your wish list or what you would love to have in your health plan. Things like dental, accident coverage that pays you if you can’t work. Even 24/7 doctor on call because your busy.

JIBE Health Advocate

It's your insurance money and you can spend it anywhere you wish. Jibe health make's doctors and hospitals fight for your business. You’re in control Now !!

JIBE Health Is Socially Responsible

Last year it is estimated that almost 90% of people choose the wrong health plan . American taxpayers could pay an additional $9 billion for consumer's mistakes in choosing more costly plans JIBE nearly eliminates this growing concern.

A better way to
buy health insurance

More of what you want, without stuff you don't need.


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